i2 methodology

IT Stellar is an Information Technology division of Intelike Group, located in Czech Republic, a heart of the Europe. IT Stellar is encompassing i2 methodology through implementation of Adaptive Search Behavior Systems into various online services. While Intelike is a brain - true technology think tank backed by American Investment Group, IT Stellar are the muscles that make things happen.

Labor Market

Stellar HR is the youngest member of Intelike Group, now on the mission of creating an international labor market. Through the close cooperation with IT Stellar, Stellar HR is utilizing best practise of Human Resource handling, social networking and online communication.

Human Resources

Extensive research of mechanisms of labor markets and processes of handling human resources led Intelike Think Tank to creation of subsidiary HR company with premium services for its partners.

Interest Sharing Network

In 2016, Intelike Think Tank created the Kapturs ISN, an online marketplace that offers a breakthrough in trading and handling of environmental certificates.

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